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Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder icon Create hotkey commands to have custom text strings inserted or various actions triggered within San Andreas: Multiplayer (SA:MP)

Back in the day, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a pretty popular game and some brilliant minds also created a multiplayer module for it, so that you can explore its vast world with your friends.

However, if you ever tried it, especially on a roleplay server, you probably understand how annoying it can be to type long strings of text each time you want to describe an action, especially if you usually have to spam that text fragment. In this situation, handy apps such as Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder can help you save some precious time.

Insert text strings at the press of a button

This application enables you to link a keyboard button with a certain action so that it gets sent to the game whenever you call it through the key. However, the utility supports sending your content to a certain window or wherever you want as long as you specify the appropriate window. You can alter the destination by typing the exact window name in the Settings dialog.

Although Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder's primary purpose is to remap the keyboard for the San Andreas: Multiplayer game, you can also use it to send a text fragment to a window quickly. Therefore, you can save a lot of time spent typing the same paragraph multiple times by assigning it to a keyboard button. You just need to press the key to send the text to the application.

Set hotkeys for target programs

As far as the inconveniences go, the bindings cannot be set for an application but for a window name, which is rather important when the file you've opened in the said app changes the name of the window. You can bypass this issue by using the same binding for all Windows applications but you also need to make sure that the key does not have an important role someplace else.

Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that creating a new binding does not replace the current function of the key you used, but rather stacks a new function on top of the existing one. For example, if you assign the text "Softpedia" to the "Numpad 1" button and try pressing it in Notepad, you will receive the text "Softpedia1". To insert only the text you typed, you need to bind a non-character key such as the function keys.

Handy SA:MP key binder with minor inconveniences

All in all, if you're having a hard time trying to keep up with other players on your SA:MP server, you might try turning to Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder. It can help you greatly reduce time spent typing large chunks of text by enabling you to bind them to various keys on your keyboard.

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Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu

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Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder 1.0

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